Xler8 Dental Partners is selective about who we invite into our partnership

Let us handle the heavy lifting, going forward. We will improve operations and profitability of your practice so that you have less stress while working and, ultimately, will be able to enjoy a successful and rewarding retirement.

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The Ideal Xler8 Partner

Our experienced leadership team and industry partners are focused on growing your practice – but we want to make sure we are a good fit.

With all that we are able to offer, we want to make sure that you will get the best.

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Our ideal Xler8 Dental Alliance partner is committed to at least 3-5 years of continued practice. In order to see the highest-possible potential of a practice, and to fully-realize the Xler8 process, we exclusively work with partners who are committed to long-term growth.

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Our ideal partner has invested in technology, or is willing to do so. Technology in the dental field has become so advanced in the last 15 years, and we believe it will continue to advance. We want to partner with offices who embrace these advancements and see them as a boon to their practice.

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Our ideal partner behaviorally presents as someone willing to add, develop, and mentor associates. We look at our Xler8 Dental Alliance partners as family, and we want to partner with dental practices that have the same core values.

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Additional Ideal Qualities

  • Owns a practice with at least $1 million in revenue and $100K in EBITDA
  • Clinically sound with basic specialty procedures such as implants, simple endo, and clear aligner therapy – or is willing to learn
  • Behaviorally a good partner
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