We do the heavy lifting going forward. We improve operations and profitability. We get more for you than you could get for yourself when you sell.

Xler8: The Best of Both Worlds

Xler8 Dental Alliance allows you to realize the upside while avoiding the downside.

Our unique approach ensures that our partners get to experience all of the positive aspects of Solo and Group practices, without any of the negative ones. Solo practices have full autonomy and ownership, but have a high economic risk due to the success of the practice being the sole responsibility of the dental owner. Group practices sometimes get to enjoy having business expertise and centralized services. Often, however, this comes at the expense of practice autonomy and core values.

With Xler8, you still retain your core values while knowing that you have experienced business partners by your side. You’ll never feel alone while you are supported by the Xler8 team helping you realize the upside while avoiding the downside.

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Xler8 Dental Alliance System for Predictable Growth

Increasing Patients

Expanding practice capacity and providing external marketing support, as well as internal marketing resources and guidance to meet the enhanced patient volume

Increasing Production

Providing tools and analytics to increase treatment planning and case acceptance, while expanding procedural mix, optimizing fees and offering expanded financing options

Improving Collections

Centralizing the collections process to free up practice staff and ensure timely payment from all types of payors

Improving Costs

Accessing the best equipment, technology and supplies at more favorable terms through group purchasing and strategic partnerships

How We Support Our Partners

We are committed to your success and enhancing your business profitability

We achieve top-tier online presence so you become the “go-to” office in your community.

We create maximum efficiency and effectiveness with the office schedule resulting in fully productive clinical staff.

We help you optimize your patient experience to bring patients back, increase referrals and case acceptance rates.

We oversee technological solutions for every aspect of your practice, protect your data, and train your team.

We know insurance benefits and how to ethically improve benefit integration resulting in higher case acceptance and insurance reimbursements.

We prepare patients to be ready to agree to the care they need when it is proposed.

We implement strategies for improved insurance reimbursement and A/R Collections

We secure preferred rates for best-in-class supplies and services. We also provide general accounting services; produce statements and reports; file taxes and provide expert tax advice.

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Will We Be a Good Fit?

Xler8 Dental Alliance is selective about who we invite to join our partnership



Our goal is your practice’s future – so we want dental partners who are committed to continuing their practice for the next 3-5 years.



We love working with dental practices who behaviorally present as a good partner, and are willing to add, develop, and mentor new associates.



Enhanced systems and protocols will strengthen your on-going and ultimate practice value.


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